Scalloped frame and card svg

Here is a scalloped frame and card.  The frame has three layers.  If you would like to make a card, cut the card base instead of the frame base.  I cut this to make a 5×7 inch frame with an opening for a 2×3 inch photo.  If you are using a heavy cardstock for the middle and top layers, it is a good idea to score the fold line to make a cleaner fold.  I scored the middle and top layers, then glued them together.  Fold back the flaps, and punch holes for brads to hold them back  or use glue dots.  You can either attach the photo to the back of the frame or the front of the base.  Glue the frame to the base.

scalloped frame image

The download includes svg files with easy sizing for SCAL 1.0, and a layered svg file for use with SCAL 2.0.  The frames are rotated for easy use with baby bugs.  Set the height at 5″ for a 5×7 frame.  Set the card base height at 7 inches to make a 5×7 card.  These files are for personal use only. Feel free to link to this post, but the files are not to be shared or distributed in any way.  If you would like templates for hand cutting send me a comment and I will post them.

Download the files from here.

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