SCAL 2.0 Trace Image – Brightness settings

If you would like general information on the autotrace settings click here.  Today I am going to look at the SCAL 2.0 Autotrace Brightness setting in more detail.  Below is an image that I found online that I thought would be good for testing the settings.

1 fish

Bring up the Autotrace dialog box by either clicking on the Trace Image button or through the File menu.  The Brightness can have a value of 0-100 with a default of 50.  What happens when you increase or decrease this value?

SCAL trace 03

The image below was traced using the default brightness setting of 50.  Most of the black lines were traced except for the green fish.

SCAL trace 04

Trace again with a brightness of 40 and all of the black lines trace, but none of  the colors.

SCAL trace 05

Finally, trace with a brightness of 75.  More of the black lines are not traced.

SCAL trace 06

There was another fish in the original image, so I traced with the two higher  settings on that one too.  And got similar results from a brightness standpoint.

SCAL trace 07

Lower brightness numbers provide higher brightness/contrast in the trace.   If you have an image with colors that are too close in brightness try tracing with a lower number.  If you have a trace that is including too much, try increasing the brightness value.

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