Using Inkscape to convert PDF templates to SVG

Some PDF templates are in vector form and only need to be separated and saved as SVG files, though some PDF files have line segments rather than closed shapes and will need editing before they can be cut.  The template I am going to use is available here.

  1. Open Inkscape and from the menu, select File/Import
  2. Find the file and select “Open”
  3. The PDF Import Settings dialog box appears.
  4. If there are multiple pages, enter the page number to import in the “Select page” box.  Click OK.

    PDF 01

  5. Select the selection tool (Arrow at the top of the toolbar on the left).

    PDF 02

  6. Hold the Control key and click on the object that you want to cut.  You can select more than one object by holding the shift and control keys and selecting each object.
  7. Copy the object (Control C)
  8. Paste (Control V) the object either onto the same layer or a new layer.  See here for more on working with layers in Inkscape.  You can also use “Group” to create layers in SCAL2.  See here for more on using Group to create SCAL2 layers.
  9. Do this with each object from the template that you want to cut.
  10. Either delete the original PDF template or hide the layer that it is on.
  11. Save the file as SVG.

10 Responses to Using Inkscape to convert PDF templates to SVG

  1. tutos super clairs !!! merci
    je vais essayer de transformer des patrons coutures en svg pour ma cricut (je la reçois bientôt et je stresse …)

  2. jogry says:

    Thanks for all the instructions. I own a Cameo and I am too scared to use it. Where can I get instructions right from the beginning in print and cut? All the video,s I have seen up to now do start with cutting.

  3. Lyla New says:

    You have made this so easy. Thanks a million for all youi do.

  4. Barb says:

    Thanks so very much for the easy to follow instructions. I am new to inscape, SCAL and cricut so right now easy is good since I am overwhelmed with all the information advailable.

  5. Joey says:

    great tutorials and easy to follow guidelines that actually worked for me thank you ever so much, I have bookmarked your page and will look for more tut’s



  6. Lalia says:

    thank you!!!!

  7. Carol says:

    And now, SCAL2 will import multi layer SVGs and keep the layers separate.

  8. Carole N. says:

    I just saw your post on the Craft Edge Forum. Thank you for taking the time to write the tut and share it.


  9. Kristen says:

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this forever! Thanks for the simplicity of the directions. Now I know!!

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