Box template for a square box

Here is an svg template for cutting a square box.   Set the height at 8.75 inches for a box that is a 2.75 inch cube.   The baby bug will cut a 1.75 inch box if you set the height at 5.5 inches.  The layered file has a layer for scoring and a layer with the window so that you can easily cut either a solid box or use your favorite shape for the window.

You can turn a blade upside down in the holder to score and it works well, but I’m not sure what that might do to your holder if you do it often.  I decided to try leaving the blade down, and I lowered the pressure setting all of the way down.  The settings will depend on your machine, but for cardstock I decreased the blade depth by one setting.  The fold lines were very sharp with this method, but were also a weak point where tears are a little more likely.

If you don’t use the scoring layer, score at the dashed lines shown below.

square box temlate

The download includes a layered svg for use with SCAL 2.0, a single layer svg for use with SCAL 1.0, and the png file for printing and hand cutting (this version won’t make a 2.75 inch box unless you have a wide format printer).  These files are for personal use only. Feel free to link to this post, but the files are not to be shared or distributed in any way.

Download the files from here.

6 Responses to Box template for a square box

  1. shadowvlican says:

    thanks for the template!

  2. Dalis says:

    oh love it! thanks!

    — dalis

  3. ang says:


  4. Shelley says:

    Thank you soo much for these templates they will be very useful! I hope to be apart of the giver soon.

  5. thefrugalcrafter says:

    I love it, thanks!

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