Quick note on Inkscape 0.47

I realized today when I was working with Ink47 that what works with the bezier tool doesn’t necessarily work with vectors created other ways (shapes, text).  Also, what is sufficient one time may not be enough another time.   I thought that any of the Path operations in the section with Path/Union would work to create a vector for use in SCAL, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case.  So if you have a file that you are working on in Ink47 and it doesn’t import correctly into SCAL, try using Path/Union.  That usually works and if it doesn’t, try copying your artwork and paste it into a new file.

Another thing to remember is that when you use Path/Object to path, Ink47 automatically puts the converted text into a group and it must be ungrouped in order to use any of the Path operations on it.

4 Responses to Quick note on Inkscape 0.47

  1. Laura Adams says:

    Thanks, Heather!!!

  2. Laura Adams says:

    I have both 0.46 & 0.47 on my computer, and I almost always use 0.46. 0.47 gives me trouble so often when importing into SCAL. The images are HUGE, and I am unable to maneuver them so that I can get to the resizing arrows, nor am I able to enter new sizes into the size menu; the numbers just revert back to the huge size (which is always a negative number in the 141,000 range). This is after I’ve simplified and copied into a new document. I’ve never had the trouble with 0.46.

    • imagesbyheatherm says:

      When you get what you described, either make sure that everything is ungrouped then use Path/Union, or copy and paste the artwork into a new file (or both). Since you use both versions of Ink you can also convert all of the Path effects to Path, then open the file in Ink46 and save it.

  3. Rosy Dustbins says:

    Thanks. I will bear this in mind when I am about to tear my hair out!

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