More new features added with SCAL version 2.021 – Updated

Craft Edge has released an update for SCAL2 here.  Here are the changes:

  1. The much asked for ability to export to svg files directly from SCAL. Files can also be exported as BMP and PNG.  All of these are found in the menu under File/Export.
  2. You can now open multiple SCUT2 files in different pages of the same file.  I have more detail on this here.
  3. The ability to use vector PDF files directly without needing to use another program to convert them to SVG first.
  4. Automatic simplification that can be adjusted or disabled (available through the menu: Edit/Preferences/Edit tab).
  5. Path Simplify has been added.  I have more detail on this here.
  6. Adjustable grid with snapping option.  Snapping is available in the View menu and the grid can be adjusted there or in the Preferences/Grid tab.
  7. More shapes have been added to the shapes library, including USA and a nice selection of flourishes (possibly music and symbols too, but I can’t remember for sure).  I also noticed new shapes in the basics shapes section.
  8. Each shape is now placed on it’s own layer, and when shapes are Unioned the layers are automatically combined.  If shapes are Grouped, they are all placed in a folder with the layers underneath.  If a shape is deleted, it’s layer is also deleted.
  9. Object/Merge has been added.  This is comparable to Path/Combine in Inkscape.  See this post for more information on this.
  10. A deactivate option has been added to the Help menu.  Very useful if changing computers or compatibility mode.
  11. The ability to move objects on the mat by clicking anywhere on them.  This was actually added in 2.013, but that version was removed from the download page after a day or two.
  12. Fonts are now in alphabetical order, even fonts with lower case names.

8 Responses to More new features added with SCAL version 2.021 – Updated

  1. joanne says:


  2. Joanne says:

    If we have purchased Sure Cuts a lot can we download the newer version of 2.2? I so how?

    • imagesbyheatherm says:

      Hi Joanne,
      If you have SCAL2 then all 2.x updates are free. There were some complaints with the 2.023 and 2.024 updates, so Craft Edge has gone back to the 2.012 for the official release. They do still have 2.024 (for Windows or 2.023 for Mac) available for download here. Just click on the download link, save the download, then install it over your current version.

  3. Dalinvsme says:

    After each SCAL update, this is where I come to read next. Thank you for keeping us updated on the changes, Heather. Have you noticed that by selecting a layer it now also selects the object on the mat? I’m liking that feature too much. I like the new grid too but have a glitch with it on my configuration on a Win7 box. I’m still playing with 2.023 even tho I dl’d 2.024 from the Craft Edge site this morning. If I have the grid showing, SCAL thinks I’m using a 6×12 mat when it comes time to cut or preview. I still see a 12×12 mat on the screen tho. If I turn the grid off then I see my shapes on a 6×12 mat.I have to change the mat to 12×12 again. If I turn the grid on again, the cut/preview is fine and all cuts properly. It’s an easy work-around but hope to find it fixed when I install 2.024.

  4. Susan S says:

    thanks for posting…I’m excited to work with the library!

  5. Judy Koch says:

    Great new features, I just updated and can’t wait to try them out……..thanks for the post

  6. Thanks for all the updates on the SCAL…I discovered 2 so this really helps…I’m getting kicked out every time try to add a layer and maybe it’s because it’s automatically making layers now that I see your useful letter.

  7. Thank you for the update! Those are all welcome and useful changes!

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