Adventures in DIY paper tapes and WOYWY

I think I’ve mentioned (just a few times  ) that I’m obsessed with the decorative tapes but that almost all of the tapes that I’ve tested with my pH pen test acidic.  So now I’m focused on making my own so that I know that they are safe to use on my scrapbook pages.  It’s super easy to print on regular paper, but I want a translucent look that is more like the washi style tapes.  I know that some people put tissue paper through their inkjet printers, and I even ordered some acid free tissue paper.  But I would need to dig out the ink jet printer and mess around with a carrier sheet (I still will eventually, but not before the holidays).

So my next thought was velum.  It looks great over a plain surface and tears nicely, but is actually too transparent when you put it over a pattern or dark color.  The top strip in the image below was made using a freebie from Spyder’s Corner.  Very pretty!   Also please forgive the bad photos, I discovered that my camera battery was dead earlier and it is now dark outside (which means that it is dark in my craft area too since there are no overhead lights).

IHM tape01

The first thing that I tried was paint.  Have you ever painted vellum?  It curls up like crazy!  So that was a no go.  I pulled out my white pigment ink and inked up the back.  It is pretty close to the look that I want and you can use any color of ink that you want for a background.  Now the strips just need to be cut and some adhesive added.  

IHM tape02

Now for What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday since it is less than an hour until Wednesday here.  I said that I was going to post earlier and I finally did it!  This time of year I’m mostly wrapping up projects and getting ready for the holidays, so my desk is almost empty (and even cleaned up a bit).  My test papers are there and the Crop-a-dile that I use as much for school projects as I do my scrappy stuff.   Also a couple of ornaments my DS just painted in a class tonight that are sitting on the boxes of last years ornaments that still need to be given away, if only I could remember who didn’t receive one.  


One Response to Adventures in DIY paper tapes and WOYWY

  1. Eliza says:

    Love how you have created your own tapes version, clever. Your desk is looking very much like it is in creative mode still.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Eliza 12

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