Flower window silhouettte

This is a slightly different version of my Romantic Window, but without the couple.   

IHM flower window

The download is a zip file with a single layer svg file for use with any version of SCAL and a DXF file.

My files are for personal use only.  Feel free to link to this post, but the files are not to be shared or distributed in any way.

Download the files here.

19 Responses to Flower window silhouettte

  1. so beautiful! I love this. what speed do you cut this at w/out it tearing the paper?

    • imagesbyheatherm says:

      Hi Valerie,
      I would slow down the cut a bit from what you would use to cut a simple shape. It varies by machine and paper. If you’re having a hard time cutting detailed files, you might want to change to a fresh blade. Also, if you use a machine that takes standard cutting blades (Like a Cricut or eClips) you might look into trying Roland 60 degree blades. They have a steeper angle, so they drag less when turning sharply. HTH

  2. Danielle says:

    Beautiful file.. thanks for sharing your work.

  3. Pauline says:

    Heather this is just lovely thank you for sharing Hugs Pauline

  4. patty says:

    That’s gorgeous – thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Sharon F says:

    Delightful! TFS:)

  6. KatD says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. sal says:

    thank you heather for this beautiful freebie

  8. Susan S says:

    Thanks so much for sharing…lovely

  9. Jeanette says:

    What a pretty file! Thank you so much.

  10. Carol Wicke says:

    Please tell me how to dowload your files. There are several options and I don’t care to dowload any programs that they have listed. Is there a way to download without downloading a specific program to accomplish this?

    • imagesbyheatherm says:

      Hi Carol,
      Use the green download button that is to the right of where it says “IHM flower window.zip”. I need to find a different file host, so if anyone has recommendations I would like to hear them. 🙂

  11. Trisha says:

    Very lovely. Thank you.

  12. Irene says:

    This is gorgeous! Thank you so much

  13. ALOC says:

    Just lovely. So kind of you to share!

  14. Myrna says:

    Heather, this is lovely. Thank you.

  15. Jocelan says:

    Heather lovely cut file.Thanks for sharing.
    Blessing’s Jocelan

  16. jo22anne says:

    Thank you so much Heather tis is beautiful, your generosity is very much appreciated.

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