Goodbye beautiful girl



November 26, 2001-February 22, 2014

You came into our lives almost 12 years ago after Jazz died.  Max stopped eating and we were worried that we would lose him too.  You were a little bundle of sound and energy.  If I didn’t play with you enough you would literally run around bouncing off the furniture.  You wouldn’t let us grieve anymore.  Max tried to ignore you, but you wouldn’t have it.  It was funny to see you tackle him and take him down even though you were so little that you could have walked under his belly.  You patched our hearts.

Bella and Max

I was floored when I was told that you had cancer.  Three days before that I would have sworn that you were healthy, your fur soft and shiny.  This past week you decided that Pooh bear was a good place to sleep during the day, somewhere you could be scratched often, but tucked into a corner.

Bella and Pooh

You looked at me with trust, asking me to make it better.  I did everything that I could for you, until the only thing left to do was to let you go.  Goodby Baby Belle.  I’m so sorry.



The Vet’s office called me Monday.  They made this cast of Bella’s paw print for us.  It was a very sweet thing for them to do, though it makes me sad to see it.

Bella print


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