Magic wands

There are all sorts of tutorials online for magic wands using anything from dowels to hot glue filled paper tubes.  I thought that I would share the wands that I made this week using what I had on hand.  The bases were dead branches from my River Birch trees. (If you’ve ever had one you know that they constantly shed dead branches.)  I used a sharp knife and then sandpaper to remove the bark and smooth out all of the little side branches.  One wand was colored with Distress Ink and the other two with alcohol markers.  The handles were made with hot glue that I covered in embossing powder and melted with a heat tool.  Working with the hot glue was a lot like making glass beads.  You have to keep it moving or it will sag (part of why some things weren’t quite the shape I was aiming for, and complicated by the embossing powder having a different stiffness than the glue when hot).  Finally I gave them a coat of glossy gel medium to seal them and make them shiny.  The main point is, just use what you have on hand whether it’s acrylic paint or Mod Podge.  

Magic wands by HeatherM




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