Snowflake ornament and svg files

January 4, 2010

I try to make personalized ornaments every year.  This year I made snowflake ornaments using shrink plastic and SCAL.  I used shrink plastic that you can use in your inkjet printer and printed a photo of my kids on it.  To center the photo in the snowflake I used the hinge method described here, except when using SCAL it isn’t necessary to note the blade location.  I used a 60° blade and multicut.  One word of caution, I had to use a new blade for each snowflake to get a  clean cut.  I used a multi-cut of 4x with a new blade, the second snowflake required 8x and the edges were not as clean.  This was what it looked like after I baked it.

Here are two versions of this snowflake.  Snowflake A was my original design, and Snowflake B was my modification for the photo.

The download is a zipped folder with svg files for use in either version of SCAL. These files are for personal use only. Feel free to link to this post, but the files are not to be shared or distributed in any way.

Download the files from here.